Top Pizza Spots in Delray Beach


By Joe Stout Special to The Pineapple Ever since I moved to Florida in the summer of 2005, I have been searching for great pizza. And for the most part, it’s been a frustrating search. Being one of only a handful of people calling Delray home not from New York, my pizza taste is a little bit different. New Yorkers often bristle when the pizza topic comes up, believing in their heart of hearts that they are the chosen ones when it comes to knowing what good pizza is. New Yorker’s always refer to the pizza as “a slice” and have a love affair with the thin crust. Being form the Midwest, I often yearn for a real deep dish style pizza, but I also love the thin crust, the medium crust, the no crust…I just love pizza! And one with an ample amount of cheese and pepperoni is as good as it gets for me. But even the New Yorkers are mixed on what is good and what isn’t, and for me, I have yet to find one place that I can call my go to pizza place. Not that the places I frequent aren’t good, they just aren’t great for my particular pizza Jones. We recently interviewed networkers at Kurt Lehmann’s Downtown Delray Networking event on their thoughts and got an interesting variety of responses. Sazio’s: New Yorkers seem to love this place. The pizza I had there was good, but I haven’t gone back. 32 East: Until I heard someone at the networking event talk about it, I didn’t even know 32 East had pizza. They seemed pretty enthused about it though. Santino’s: More than a few people gave props to this joint, but it was one and done for me. Vic and Angelo’s: Great atmosphere, good pizza, nice looking bartenders. What’s not to like? Bru’s Room: Never had a pie here but I’m sure it’s consistent with other Bru’s Room fare. Fair. Pizza Rustica: Finally! Crust! Interesting varieties by the slice or by the whole pie. My one and only beach pizza. Bella Amici: Serious New York. They even ship in New York water for their slices and pies. Mellow Mushroom: Always very good, always interesting combos, always hard on the pocketbook. Luigi’s: I was going to go there once, but the reception of the people greeting me at the hostess stand gave me the wrong kind of New York experience. I moved on. Anthony’s: I really like Anthony’s, but I know the blackened crust isn’t for everyone. The wings are really good too. Jack’s: I have been hearing about Jack’s since I moved here and after trying it twice, I still have no idea why. Sandwich Man Pizza Too: As expected, pizza is an afterthought. Puccini’s: Pizza is good but the craft beer selection is great. Sal’s: The blue hair in this place is so thick you could cut it with a knife, but the pizza is actually pretty good. Brick Oven Pizzeria: If Little Caesars is closed… Off the Ave: I have had many people tell me they love the pizza here and the atmosphere is always fun…and the beer is cold. I will keep searching for the perfect pizza and let you know what I find. Feel free to share your thoughts with us by e-mailing We always love to hear what you think a great pizza in Delray Beach is. Cheers!