Transunion Plans To Add More Employees At Boca Location


Staff report

TransUnion’s Boca Raton office is growing.

The company recently underwent a complete renovation of its 55,000-square-foot space. It has an open floor plan, high tech conferencing capabilities, game room, massage chairs and convertible work stations where employees can sit or stand.

The data company, which went public two years ago, is also poised to expand in its number of employees.

On a recent “business appreciation tour” president of TransUnion’s specialized risk group Tim Martin told Mayor Susan Haynie, Councilman Robert Weinroth and economic development manager Jessica Del Vecchio that the Boca location started with 100 employees and now is at 220. He said they expect to employ 250 people by the end of the year.

Martin said the company is very committed to being in Boca Raton. It has had a presence in South Florida since 2013.

TransUnion uses a database that combines public records with algorithms to find out information about people.

Hundreds of law enforcement agencies utilize the system to find information on suspects, witnesses and verify identities of people.

TransUnion also houses nonprofit Child Rescue Coalition in its space. The nonprofit is also data driven and uses its technology to help law enforcement track, arrest and prosecute offenders who use the internet to harm children. The coalition offers its services to law enforcement agencies for free on an international basis.