“We Got the Beet!”


A consummate supporter of healthy lifestyle options — JuiceBuzz embraces February as Heart Healthy month and introduces “beet-tastic” beverages. Owner Jacqueline Pfeffer-Sheridan and her team of “beet baristas” have served up “Just Beet it” –a lively concoction featuring Apple, Carrot, Celery, Beet Root, Cucumber and Ginger. And, “Give us a Beet”, including vibrant ingredients of Carrot, Orange, Apple, Beet Root and Lemon. The “juicetenders” continue to impress and inspire with signature drinks that contain an abundance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes to purify your body from the inside – out. Beetroot juice stands among the most heart-healthy juices. Approximately 17 ounces of beetroot juice per day significantly reduces blood pressure, according to a 2008 study from the London School of Medicine and the William Harvey Research Center at Barts. The high nitrate content of beetroot juice, which actually widens the blood vessels when it enters the body as nitrite, lowers blood pressure within one hour of ingestion. Surpassing the health kick trend, juicing holds amazing power to boost health and vitality and provides a cornucopia of wellness benefits. Being organic isn’t the only benefit, the cold-press process maintains nutrients to balance pH and sugar levels, boost the immune system, detox the body, increase mental clarity, aid digestion, clear skin, and help with weight loss regimens. JuiceBuzz continues to quench the palate and imagination with innovative, delicious and healthy juices and smoothies. Be inspired, meet and mingle with the “juice tenders” and be invigorated with juice-tastic energy. The artsy, foodie and eclectic Atlantic Avenue in Delray is an idyllic location where visitors and locals can enjoy sip, stroll and savor the body-beautiful beverages – day or evening. Cheers! JuiceBuzz is located at 6 NE 5th Avenue Delray Beach, FL 33483. For more information, please call (561) 278 – 6122. About the JuiceBuzz JuiceBuzz, located at 6 NE 5th Avenue, purees the freshest, most seasonal, vitamin- rich fruits and vegetables into sensational smoothies as well as organic, cold-pressed juices and creative tinctures. Husband and wife team of Matthew Sheridan and Jacqueline Pfeffer-Sheridan are a zesty “blend” of partnership. Matthew has over 20 years of business expertise from a finance and sales career. His business acumen and principle responsibilities support the operation behind the juices. Local Yoga instructor, Jacqueline Pfeffer-Sheridan “Yoga with Jax” has been teaching yoga for seven years to her devoted followers. Her passion for a healthy lifestyle inspires the juice creations and fuels the soul.