Website started in Palm Beach County turns user’s clicks into donations for charitable causes


By David DiPino The Pineapple Contributing Writer A website started by local residents is currently raising money for nine different charities via user clicks. The website is built on a model which takes advertising revenue generated by user clicks to help donate and fund charitable causes. According to Chuck King, marketing director and spokesman for Care to Click, founder Tracilynn Scala created the website to give good people who have intentions to help others but not necessarily the money to do so, donate with the ease of a click, like or tweet. Boynton Beach residents Tracilynn and her husband Tracy Scala, own the website today. In May, the Care to Click pets tab and banner on other portions of the website was recently used by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to alert users to their cause and raise money for their programs. “The ASPCA did a takeover for the month. They came to us. It’s the biggest takeover our website has had. They have carte blanche of everything on the page and we have no problem with that because the ASPCA is a fundraising organization we believe in,” said King. Pencils of Promise, UNICEF,, charity: water, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society,, National Wildlife Federation and CENTER FOR GREAT APES are all raising donation dollars on the Care to Click website. King said in the last year and a half, Care to Click has raised more than $10,000 for charitable causes. “Expect that number to grow. A lot of people are out there that want to do good things,” said King. Care to Click website tabs include dedicated pages to: cancer, children, disaster, education, environment, hunger, pets, rainforest, water and wildlife. Each of those website tabs offer options to donate a click, clip coupons, free offers, shop online, buy a t-shirt or read an informational blog. At press time, according to some one million actions had been taken on the Care to Click website by users including 4,682,499 square feet of wildlife habitat saved, 1,018,057 days of vitamins given out to the world’s undernourished people, 553,268 days of water funded and 10,383,570 days of energy offset. So, who’s clicking? According to King, mostly women from the U.S. – 58 percent of the Care to Click website traffic is from women and the average person who comes to the website is on the site for almost three minutes and clicks on six of the Care to Click website pages. New users count for 59 percent of the traffic to the website. How does care to click fund the charities and organizations it supports? “Advertising revenue, our shop online feature and being active in social media – clicks, like and tweets,” said King. “We think people’s everyday actions make an impact on lives and the welfare of others. If enough people feel this way we’ll be able to get more advertisers”. This in turn is more funding to the causes Care to Click supports. King said shopping online from the care to click website offers prices from businesses that support the caused and the sharing of resources. “The portion you save goes to the cause,” said King. Care to Click is interested in guest blogs from experts on the topics and causes the site focuses on. Another initiative is the new Care to Search Extension by Care to Click. By using this new, free Care to Click browser users can link to product and retailers that give portions of the proceeds going to the charity that matters to the user. To learn more about this Care to Click feature visit: For more information on Care to Click’s Care Page also visit: