What Does Your Ideal Life Look Like?


By: Laura Norman

Special to the Delray Newspaper

When was the last time you really checked in with your heart to ask, “What makes me happy?”

When was the last time you allowed your desires to dictate how you spent your day?  Your week?  Your life?

Are these questions are making you think? Great! Keep reading!  

Not only is it possible to live in accord with what you desire, it’s the law!  The Law of Attraction, that is. The Law of Attraction asserts that what we focus on becomes our vibrational frequency. We then attract people, situations and possessions with similar vibrations which creates the reality we experience.  

Do you see what this means? Through our personal desires, we each write our life story, whether consciously or unconsciously. It’s natural to deny this truth when things around us are not ideal.  After all, who would consciously choose anything less than ideal? Who would make the choice to be unhappy?  

If you have not been asking yourself what makes you happy, you have not even given the Law of Attraction a chance to help you.  It’s like going to restaurant and, when the waiter comes to take your order, saying, “Just bring me whatever you like.” 

What if every word you said was a wish to the universe?  Would you still say the same things that you did yesterday?  Your thoughts and words echo throughout the universe.  Make sure to only put out ones that you want back!”  – Anonymous

As an educator, reflexologist and Inspired Life coach, one of my primary goals for my students and clients is to get them thinking about what they desire.  For many of us who have gotten out of the habit of thinking about what we want, putting other people’s needs first, we may be a bit rusty.  One of the fastest ways to get back into touch with what you really desire is to recall your favorite childhood memories. 

What did you do as a child?  What feelings did you have while doing it?  Children naturally do what appeals to them.  Without societal pressures, judgments and responsibilities, children follow the path to whatever delights them.  One of my clients recalls baking cookies as one of her all-time favorite childhood activities, yet she had not baked in years!  Once she tapped into that memory and began baking again, her delicious cookies were in demand by her family and friends. She began giving batches out as holiday gifts and the demand just continued to grow.  

She initially felt overwhelmed that even her hobby had become burdensome until she contemplated one of my all-time favorite questions, what feels better? My client confided she really wished she could just quit her job and bake all day.  When she said it out loud, she actually laughed with joy but also with trepidation.  How could she possibly just do what she wanted to do all day?  Easily! It began with her allowing the possibility to take root and grow.  She began taking cookie orders and, within six months, she quit her job and now bakes for restaurants and catering companies.

Reflexology has been my ideal career for over 40 years. I love helping my clients achieve the deep level of relaxation and healing they so deserve! And I get tremendous satisfaction each time one of the graduating classes from my professional reflexology certification program start to help their clients relax, rejuvenate and discover their own ideal selves. Give yourself the opportunity to remember your ideal life. You deserve to be happy!

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