What’s at the Top of your List?

by Laura Norman Special To The Pineapple

Some things are just too important to ignore. Your health and happiness should definitely be at the top of your list. And, in these stressful and uncertain times, it’s comforting to know there’s a centuries-old practice that is enormously effective and therapeutic today. A happy Delray resident shares, “I suffered with chronic headaches for more than three years. This is the first therapy that has worked for me. I only wish I had heard about it sooner!” Regis Philbin, talk show host and entertainer, tells about how this practice helped him painlessly pass kidney stones while he was in the hospital, saving him from having to go “under the knife.” Dr Mehmet Oz, well-known cardiologist, in his best-selling book talks about how this ther- apy brought a young man back from near-death. What is this amazing therapy? Reflexology is an ancient healing art rediscovered in the 20th century. It is known to reduce stress, improve circulation and aid many health conditions. Scientific studies have confirmed Reflexology’s effectiveness with headaches/migraines, allergies,digestive problems, detoxification, women’s issues including PMS, infertility, discomforts of pregnancy and birth, and menopause, neck, shoulder and back tension, prostate issues, allergies, fatigue and addictive behaviors such as alcoholism, drug abuse, smoking and overeating, Bell’s Palsy and other nerv- ous system conditions. Many people also report increased energy, clarity and focus. Reflexology works by using the fingers and hands to apply specially designed tech- niques to points on the feet, hands, ears and face which affect specific organs, glands and systems of the body. And Reflexology is beneficial to people of all ages, including babies and children, teens and adults, students, seniors, patients in hospice (and their families), artists, professionals, athletes and many more. Imagine removing just your shoes and socks, lying comfortably on a cushy massage table in a dimly lit room, sounds of music and nature softly playing around you, fragrances of lavender and sandalwood calming your senses. In just these first few moments you start to relax as you begin your profound experience with Reflexology. As your practitioner gently, but firmly, applies pressure to specific reflex areas that correspond to each part of your body, you drift off into a state of restful awareness or peaceful sleep. At the conclusion of your  session you leave feeling refreshed and energized yet calm, clear and joyful.

A client I see regularly has arthritis and suffered from achiness and low back pain on and off for many years. Many times it was painful just to lie down. “With these reflexology sessions,” she told me, “I can now lie down, and get up, without that stiffness and nagging pain.” Linda is a mother who came to me because she was looking for a new way to support and nurture her family, especially her son who was asthmatic. Linda is convinced that Reflexology has contributed greatly to alleviating her child’s asthma symptoms, as well as her own anxiety. Another client related, “My husband and I had seen several specialists, and expe- rienced several miscarriages, over the years in our attempt to have a child. Then, after my seventh reflexology session with Laura Norman, I found out I was pregnant! I came in for sessions every week throughout my pregnancy and held the intention of having my baby girl in my arms. And now I do!” Numerous clients have success with releasing excess weight. Many of us overeat due to stress and tension. Reflexology’s number one benefit is profound relaxation, and is a more positive way to nurture yourself and help make better choices about food. Reflexologists stimulate points on the feet, hands, ears and face corresponding to various glands, organs and systems for weight management. For example: • Thyroid: Balances metabolism • Adrenal Glands: Increases energy to burn calories • Hypothalamus Gland: Controls appetite • Pituitary Gland: Regulates hormone secretions, including endorphins • Solar Plexus/Diaphragm: Reduces stress and relaxes breathing • Digestive/Urinary systems: Stimulates elimination • Pancreas: Normalizes blood sugar levels Whether you are experiencing a challenging health or lifestyle issue, or just wish to release stress and be more centered, give yourself, your family and your friends the gift of better health and well-being with Reflexology. Put your health and happiness at the top of your list, and live the life you desire.