What’s Cooking in Pascale’s Kitchen?


          It’s pretty warm in Pascale’s kitchen these days – the thermometer read 98 on a recent afternoon—but that doesn’t stop the production of Pascale’s famous jams, preserves, chutneys and hot sauces. In fact, the Delray GreenMarket vendor is currently working her way through a huge harvest of fruit from two 40-year-old mango trees on her property. “Mangoes, mangoes, mangoes!” Pascale replied when I asked her what’s cooking. She’ll put them all to good use—in her mango lime ginger jam, her mango chutney, and her popular mango hot sauce.   A Taste of France Pascale Troupin-Castania was born in France and learned how to cook alongside her grandmother. She grew up to become a chef on private yachts. Sailing around the world, she picked up new knowledge of local flavors in each port of call. Take a look at Pascale’s gourmet product line- up and you’ll see her talent for pairing flavors: peach honey and basil jam; strawberry balsamic and black pepper jam; pineapple vanilla rum preserves. Is your mouth starting to water? International Appeal Pascale’s products are already pleasing the palates of people halfway around the world. “Some local military wives bought my mango hot sauce and said they were going to send it to their husbands in Afghanistan and Iraq,” she said. “It gives those freeze-dried meals a lot more taste.” Taking it to the Next Level  Pascale is a certified Nutritional Consultant who prepares her goodies with high quality fruit from organic and sustainable farms, using no artificial preservatives or additives. She’s working toward selling the products not only at the GreenMarket but also at health food stores like Whole Foods and The Fresh Market. “We’re redesigning our labels now to show nutritional information, as well as a bar code,” she said. “We just want to take it to the next level.” Visit Pascale’s website at www.mangohouse.net to see the entire selection. You can buy online, or simply call your order in at (561) 706-2646 and arrange pick it up at Pascale’s production kitchen on Federal Highway in Delray Beach (it’s not a retail store).

DID YOU KNOW Preserves account for more than 34% of all sales in the overall fruit spread category, which also includes jams, jellies, fruit spreads and marmalades. While they come in a wide variety of flavors, nine common flavors account for 80% of all jams and jellies produced in the U.S. Another 28 flavors make up the remaining 20%. Grape jelly is the most popular, followed by strawberry jam.