Why Kids Need Chiropractic Too!


By Dr. Marilyn Shore Special to The Pineapple

I think everyone would agree that children deserve to express health and live their lives at peak potential. It’s disheartening and uncomfortable when we see our children in pain, have a fever, have emotional difficulties, to name a few. Generally speaking , as parents we want to alleviate these symptoms to make them more comfortable. But we were designed to be self healing organisms, and our symptoms are actually a way that our body is fighting disease and trying to bring us back to balance. For instance, if your child has a fever and you give them an aspirin or Tylenol, they may feel better for the moment, but reducing the fever may prolong the illness, as the fever is attempting to kill the virus in their system. Fear motivates us to remove the symptoms, because most people don’t know what else to do. It’s a child’s nerve system that controls their amazing development as well as all functions of their body. If the nerve system is functioning at 100% from the brain and free to flow to all the organs, tissues and cells of the body, then the body has the best opportunity to heal itself from the inside out. It would be great if we all had complete flow of nerve energy from the brain to the tissues, but most of us are subject to trauma from early on that may interfere with the nerve system. From physical, emotional and chemical trauma, vertebra in our spine can go out of alignment, pressing on nerves that interfere with the nerve energy flow. We call these bones out of alignment, Subluxations.

Imagine you had your foot on a garden hose and the water couldn’t get out to feed the plants. They would die. You could plant more flowers, put fertilizer on them, but they would still die. If you have a Subluxation, especially at the top of the neck, the nerve flow is interrupted, the body has to work harder, the immune system is compromised, and you are in a state of dis-ease, which may lead to disease. The trauma of the birth process, especially now that so many children are c-section babies, can Subluxate the first bone in the neck. This puts pressure on the brainstem, and interferes with the nerve flow to the body. They may express symptoms like reflux, ear infections, allergies, hyperactivity, or even no apparent symptoms at all. It is so important that every child be checked by a Chiropractor to see if they have a Subluxation and if they do, it must be corrected with a gentle Chiropractic adjustment. I have an 18-year-old daughter who has never had a medication in her life, but I have checked her regularly for Subluxations, and when necessary, have adjusted her. So you can see, Chiropractic is not just for back pain. It is about fully expressing life and it’s for everyone.  

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