Winston Aarons Releases Jasmine: A Novel


Winston Aarons’ new book, “Jasmine: A Novel” (published by iUniverse), echoes Anton Chekov’s “The Lady with the Little Dog,” as his characters begin a torrid affair, racing to the point of no return. “’Jasmine’ is about love and the dangers of obsession,” writes Aarons. “It’s also a modern discourse on relationships.” Sor Avraham can’t get Marguerite’s “Hello Sor” out of his mind. As the two professors embark on a love affair, Sor becomes obsessed, nearly driven mad by merely a whiff of Marguerite’s perfume. Lives begin to spiral out of control. Readers will wait with bated breath as the final pages reveal a satisfying conclusion. An excerpt from “Jasmine”: “Hello Sor.” That’s what started it. Maybe the way she said it. Maybe the way she wrapped his name around her tongue, the way it swam in the warmth of her mouth before coming out, the way it slid into his ears, like a deliciously sounding mantra, as if she were happy, as if she were ecstatic to see him. If he could catch and solidify the sound, it would be like fine silk, like honey. Kirkus Review has recently called the book, “A well-crafted tale of passion, loss and the dangers of obsession.” About the Author Winston Aarons was born in Jamaica, West Indies. He received his MFA degree in writing from Sarah Lawrence College. He taught English at Lynn University in Florida and acted as director of its honors program. Aarons now teaches contemporary literature and writing workshops at Palm Beach State College. He lives in Delray Beach, Fla., with his wife.