Wise Tribe Gets Dirty In Delray And Spreads Community Activism


By: David DiPino Contributing Writer

Her engagement has brought a FarmBot to Delray Beach, offered ways to reverse the course American society is on and brought ideas for Meatless Monday’s to the All-America City.

Jacqueline Botting, founder and chief visionary of a local social experiment called WiseTribe is asking the community to get involved and join the movement. Botting started the WiseTribe, a social experiment asking 1,000 people to complete simple acts and behavioral shifts on food, well-being and learning.

But, what exactly is a WiseTriber?

“A WiseTriber would be a member of this social experiment. The public institution is old and dying. We need something new to be born and find what’s possible for a better, wiser future and rethink society,” Botting said. “Young moms… The decision makers are a big part of WiseTribe.”

One of those young moms is Courtney Salamone, of StoriesLived.org.

“A citizen action group we volunteer with called Wise Tribe is doing some amazing things. From Feb. 1, to May 1, WiseTribe is concentrating on getting 1,000 Delray residents to participate in a social experiment that brings about positive change not only for the participant, but for the community as well,” Salamone said.

Just one of the behaviors WiseTribers like Botting and Salamone are focused on is in providing local residents a ways and means of growing a sustainable home garden. One of the WiseTribe’s recent local initiatives was to pass out food growing container gardens to citizens at Spady Fest, the Spady Living Heritage Festival, a free, family affair during Black History Month at the Spady Cultural Heritage Museum, 170 NW 5th Ave., Delray Beach, that Botting has frequented the last few years.

“We planned ahead to pass out food growing containers at Spady Fest. People took home these containers to grow food for themselves and their families. In addition, WiseTribe has contests for growing the movement,” Botting said.

She said one of the 90 behaviors WiseTribers are working on through May 1, is to grow their own food by using container gardens. Local mom Courtney Salamone was at the Spady Fest event.

“While there are multiple projects happening simultaneously, the project Joe (Snider, Salamone’s husband) and I are involved with is a container (bucket) garden project that focuses on starting to teach or reawaken members of our community that growing a portion of their own food. This simple act fosters resiliency and the benefits are economic, health related and social.  We’re showing people how to grow edibles in donated buckets,” Salamone said.

“We hope to follow these people through social media over the 90 days and see what impact this has had on them and their community. We are also asking participants to try to enlighten and motivate five other friends, neighbors, or family members to do the same so we can really create a movement that will infiltrate all pockets of Delray.”

Weeks before the senseless Parkland school shooting, Botting planned a WiseTribe Community Conversations series in violence and conflict.

“What are the possibilities at a grass roots level to get people to talk about what’s happening? Asking the question – if you were building a new world what kind of values would you want to have? Part of the WiseTribe is bringing the community together for meaningful conversations,” Botting said.

A main WiseTribe initiative is for citizens to band together. Botting said there is also a collaborative idea for WiseTribers to work with Carver Middle School students.

“In our efforts to focus on those most vulnerable and food insecure we have also partnered with Carver Middle School to take this experiment home with the students. Empowering the youth to be the change makers in their family constellation is our vision and with one container we hope the excitement creates the want for more containers and more healthy food at their disposal! This is all about empowerment and resiliency through a simple call to action,” Salamone said.

Another WiseTribe plan in full gear already is the Wise Meatless Monday Potluck to promote heart health and climate health each month. In February, the Meatless Monday event was held at the Delray Beach Children’s Garden, 137 SW 2nd Ave.

Delray Beach Mayor Cary Glickstein recently met with young leader friends (students) from S.D. Spady Elementary School responsible launching the Meatless Monday campaign in Delray Beach.

During one of the first Meatless Monday Potluck’s, Botting tweeted out on @WiseTribe on Twitter that for every burger skipped could save enough to charge an individual iPhone for 4.5 years. She tweeted that 23,400 gallons of water would be the amount of water one person could save by skipping just one ¼ beef burger each Monday for a year. At the January meeting of Meatless Monday Potluck community residents in collaboration came together to save over 5,000 gallons of water because of local WiseTribers choosing to do #MeatlessMondays.

For more information visit: www.facebook.com/wisetribe, @WiseTribe on Twitter or www.wisetribe.us.