WiseTribe builds ‘United We Grow’ movement

Junior WiseTriber club at South Tech Preparatory Academy. The students posed after laying mulch, the first step towards building healthy soil. Submitted Photo.

By: David DiPino Contributing Writer

The WiseTribe movement known as “United We Grow” has a focus and hashtag of #GetDirtyInDelray which is an effort the group’s founder says is helping the Delray Beach and Boca Raton communities become healthier and sustainable environments.

WiseTribe’s endeavors are most visible in the local neighborhoods where they provide sustainable resources.

Recently, the WiseTribe held an Aquaponic System Building Workshop at the Delray GreenMarket in Old School Square Park. The United We Grow tasks focused on localizing food via agri-tinkering at a WiseTribe booth at the Delray GreenMarket. Agri-tinkering is an innovation in agriculture.

The community aquaponic system built at the Delray GreenMarket was introduced as a partnership between WiseTribe and South Tech Culinary Academy in Boynton Beach.

Chef Walter Tanner, a chef instructor at South Tech Culinary Academy, and his culinary students have been developing and re-developing a sustainable food learning laboratory for several years. Chef Tanner and WiseTribe founder and chief visionary, Jacqueline Botting, have collaborated to build ecological opportunities for our community. Chef Tanner was on-hand with Botting and WiseTribers for the aquaponics build at the Delray GreenMarket.

Previously, Chef Tanner, Botting, WiseTribers and the South Tech Culinary students built the aquaponic systems at the school in Boynton Beach. According to Botting, during the South Tech efforts, Seventh Generation Solutions partnered with WiseTribe on the community learning workshop and members of the Tau Beta Pi Honors Engineering Society from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton also contributed. The WiseTribe, South Tech aquaponics event was open to the general public. Seventh Generation Solutions, 900 E. Atlantic Ave., Ste. 13, Delray Beach, a partner with the WiseTribe at the event, is a local company focusing on aquaponics, aqua gardens, fish and other indoor and outdoor environments.

Botting said the focus of the first community agri-tinkering workshop was collaboration to build an aquaponics system to grow food. She invited everyone interested in a healthier and wiser future locally, especially the maker and doer types along with those who like to tinker and build things. The forward thinking WiseTribers concentrate their activities with a mission of working to create a better, wiser world through resources, tools and teamwork.

According to Botting, WiseTribe is a grassroots non-profit that helps communities and schools evolve into healthier and more sustainable versions of themselves in a rapidly changing world.

“Our mission is to increase the health of communities and the planet through food, learning, and wellbeing,” said Botting.

During April, WiseTribe will communicate to their organization of youth “wisetribers” with an emphasis on community resilience and food security. As Botting leaves a voice and video web conferencing of the WiseTribe Board Meeting, she makes phone calls and sends out information on organizing thinkers and doers in an effort of building local innovations for food resilience via the @wisetribe Facebook community. By helping local students become systems thinkers, Botting said during the call, the wisetribers will learn the values and framework needed to comprehend the complex world they are growing up in. Students learn to design and build a healthier future.

WiseTribe brings forward-thinkers together to create community projects which lead to a wiser, world. Through WiseTribe, local citizens are building relationships and creating positive changes to improve lives one neighborhood at a time.

Botting added, The United We Grow movement, originally known as the #GetDirtyInDelray, which is an outcome of WiseTribe’s efforts has grown beyond the boundaries of Delray Beach.

“United We Grow is a coalition-based movement for increasing healthy eating, wellbeing mindsets, and community learning to promote food sustainability. In collaboration with schools, families, and neighborhoods, it aims to increase awareness of the health and environmental impacts of the modern diet and provide pathways towards plant-based diets,” said Botting.

Barbara Collins, a certified nutrition chef and culinary instructor who runs the culinary academy at Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach, said partnering with WiseTribe helps her students in a variety of ways.

“The sustainable culinary challenges WiseTribe brings to my students not only helps them professionally in terms of understanding marketplace shifts related to food but also to consider the larger social and environmental implications – and responsibilities – related to sustainable food systems and becoming a culinary professional in a changing world,” said Collins.

For more information, visit www.wisetribe.us