Wisetribe Launches 90-Day Project


Staff report

How much impact can 1000 people make on a community in 90 Days? This is the key question WiseTribe, a Delray Beach non-profit, is asking of Delray Beach with their latest project, 1000 WiseTribers.

This social experiment aims to bring together people from all walks of life to make an impact in three specific areas which WiseTribe views as the starting places for designing society anew: food, wellbeing, and education.

Since October, WiseTribe has been curating community conversations related to these subjects and collecting project ideas from citizens on how we can strengthen our community in these three areas.

This 90-day experiment kicks off Feb. 1 and goes until May 1 and prompts people towards making relatively small and simple behavioral changes, like participating in Meatless Monday, a global movement which students from S.D. Spady Elementry are promoting in Delray Beach.

Using a weekly survey to report the actions and behaviors people have taken in a given week, WiseTribe will be measuring the collective progress of 1000 people over the 90 days. There is a $20 contribution fee to participate and all proceeds will be split with the Delray Beach Children’s Garden, WiseTribe’s partner in conscious community. So, if you’ve been asking yourself how you can change what’s happening in our world, consider joining 1000 WiseTribers and let’s see how much impact can be made when we commit to making a difference — together!

Visit www.WiseTribe.Us to learn more and register for this intriguing social experiment.