Women’s Council Of Realtors Welcomes New Leader


Staff report

The Greater Palm Beach Women’s Council of Realtors has a new president, Debra Shapiro.

Members of the council recently gathered at The Polo Club in Boca Raton for the traditional passing of the gavel from past president, Cathy Lewis, to incoming president, Shapiro.

The ceremony commemorated the year’s successes and accomplishments and to celebrate the new leadership.

“This year was a phenomenal year for the Greater Palm Beach Women’s Council of Realtors,” said former president of the group Jessica Rosato. “We have an invaluable team and a loyal membership. A few members were highlighted with well-deserved awards at the event, and our network was handed over to Debra Shapiro who I know will lead us well in 2018. This organization is truly amazing- the leaders it produces are powerhouses in our industry and in life!”