Yoga Fun Day Brought Peace, Love To Delray Beach


By: Diane Feen Contributing Writer

There was yoga and there was fun – but the first Delray Beach Yoga Fun Day was much more than simple pleasures.

It was a conglomerate of healers, spiritual teachers, yoga classes, music, healthy snacks and good vibes. Though the tennis matches were zooming by the net across the street the elation in both venues reached the zenith of perfection.

The Yoga Fun Day, held last month, was laced with humble intentions that played out beautifully. There were communal Yoga classes in the cultural playground of Old School Square. The classes were overflowing with yogi’s and others who wanted to twist their bodies in Sun Salutations and Warrior poses to the music of harmonic resonance.

Yoga classes were a beacon of light for those who attended, but there were many other heart opening experiences as well. There were Reiki healing sessions by Casa Mannabliss teachers Michelle Ambrozy-Sasko and Felice Minkin. We sat in a circle under a small cozy tent and pictured white light and self-healing. We pushed out bad memories and replaced them with harmonious ones because as Minkin said, “The universe does not like a void.”

There were no voids at the first Yoga Fun Day in Delray. There was music that tickled souls and Kirtan Chants that moved vibrations to higher octaves.  Participant created a Mandala (circular spiritual landscape) and chanted for world peace with Elaina Beam (of Starlight Muse). People held hands and chanted “OM” in unison with the folks of

For the newcomer it was a smorgasbord of spiritual wonders and healing rituals. Over 2,000 people attended the event – and 2,500 vendors came with products and services to help guests come into harmony with our bodies, minds and souls.

There was CBD oils from the Wellness Lab and Ariel Yoga from Bamboo Garden. There were sparkling Henna Tattoos from Farah Shabbir and elaborate spiritual décor and yoga from Casa Mannabliss. A favorite experience was a reading from Lana Kay; a life coach, past life regression expert and healer from Light Life Total Wellness.

The classes were varied – and for the voracious Yogi or spiritual seeker – it was nirvana. There was Vinyasa flow yoga, Hoop dance-spin, Chakra magic yoga, Tai yoga dance, Arco Yoga and a fascinating form of core sculpting called “In-Trinity” taught at Rise 31 in Delray Marketplace. Bodies moved while on a stationary slanted surf-board with rubber coating. It was exhilarating and challenging for the body and mind.

Colorful cold pressed juices by Miyagi’s Sweets & Treats were tasty. Some floated with thoughts of floating by Float8 (by Matt Beck) and watched Dr. Janet Allenby use EMSCULPT to firm up followers. Delray Beach Boxing gave out coupons for boxing classes, and colorful power drinks were dispensed by Live Ultimate.

The Fun Zone for Kids included yoga and Zumba classes, book readings and gymnastics for little ones. The music wafted throughout OSS like misty rain drops of pleasure. The TU Hawks, The Mystic Mantra Band and Flint Blade gave meaning to the music and magic of the day.

Yoga Fun Day was the brainchild of Samantha Grout,  a project manager in the Tech industry. She taught Yoga all over the US, created Outdoor Women’s Retreats and Silicon Valley events.

“My goal is to bring yoga to the masses and to get people to unplug and unwind from their busy lives and connect with nature,” she said. “The power of being outside in nature is magical and transformative. I was a woman with a vision and a credit card – and I made it happen.”

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