You Drink. Delivery Dudes Drive.


Delivery Dudes, the gourmet food delivery service battling empty stomachs in 29 markets and four states, has launched a new Dudes Liquor service in its home base of Delray Beach. Dudes Liquor is a convenient, safe and responsible way to purchase alcoholic beverages for direct delivery to your location from one of Delivery Dudes’ friendly staff. East Delray Beach customers can select their drinks of choice from a selection of wine, beer, sparkling, vodka, tequila, rum, gin, whiskey and cordials. But the fun doesn’t stop there; mixers, fruit and party supplies are available as add-ons. To cheers the new service. “Delivery Dudes is always looking to fill the needs of both our loyal and new customers and it was a natural move to start delivering more than just restaurant and grocery orders,” Jayson Koss, Delivery Dudes’ founder, said. “Now you can have a Dude deliver your alcohol and keep the party going responsibly.” To ensure legal consumption, users must agree to terms and conditions on the website before entering the menu selection area. Customers must be 21 and older, pay with a credit card and have an ID matching the name on their credit card. And then, boom, the goods will be at their door in a flash- a flash that runs on an average 45-minute wait time. Delivery hours are 11am- 11pm Monday through Friday, 11am- 2am Friday- Saturday and 11am- 10pm on Sunday. Delivery Dudes is rapidly becoming America’s fastest growing food delivery service, and continues to expand its roster of partner restaurants and offerings. In addition to the new Dudes Liquor service, in select markets Delivery Dudes delivers restaurant, grocery store, retail store and catering orders. For more information on Delivery Dudes and to stay on the lookout for Dudes Liquor expansion in other markets, visit the website.